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Welcome Welcome to Simply Shani. This is the largest online fansite for the actress Shani Wallis who you might recognise from her role in the 1968 hit Oliver! or her various films and theater work. Take a look around and learn more! If you have any questions, comments or contributions, please contact us.

Latest News & Updates

New Film's Reception
Appearing at 50 different film festivals, The Mojave Booth film has been well recieved, accepting 15 different awards and great reviews, including 5 awards for Best Feature.
Jason Buchanan from All Movie Guide reviews below as well as various others. And Variety reports,"Production values are solid, ditto the performances."
Only slight setback-reports claim that the actual release has been moved to 2008-though you can reserve a copy ahead of time for about $15 and over.
Posted on 17 Dec 2007 by Moderator
Mojave Booth has been released!
As you all know, Shani's newest project, Mojave Booth has just been released...and there has been more information released about the film. The film was released at 50 different Film Festivals and now is for sale! It's not on sale yet at Amazon.com, but I have seen the film for sale.
See more info about the film below.
Posted on 16 Dec 2007 by Moderator
Mojave Phonebooth release announced!
Hello everyone! Some recent news! Shani Wallis's most recent project-The Mojave Phonebooth is set to be released on DVD November 27,2007! Its a very short time, so look at for it at stores or online.
Posted on 17 Nov 2007 by Moderator
Sorry Everyone!
I know I haven't been around much lately. I've been having issues with the site. If anyone would be kind enough to e-mail me and help with the site (maybe become a co-admin or something, then let me know.) I need help with a new layout and transfering the cutenews to the main page. I've just added ten new photos to the gallery...check them out!
Posted on 13 Oct 2007 by Moderator
I've added some stuff to the gallery if you want to check it out.

I'm also still working on the layout so message me.
Posted on 03 Sep 2007 by Moderator

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